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Automated Rotation Listing

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The Automated Karaoke Rotation program will do more than just keep track of your singer rotation. See some of the other key benefits you'll get from the program.

Automated Karaoke Rotation Sample Screen Shot

Key Benefits

bulletAutomatic Song Look-up by either Song Title, Disc Number or Artist.
bulletTrack winners of contest you have and when they are eligible to enter contest again. Also set your own options for contest eligibility.
bulletDisplay a history of the Most Sung Song and the frequency of how many times a singer sang that song.
bulletWait time is automatically recalculated, as you move from singer to singer in the rotation.
bulletProgram comes with it's own Help screens.

Lonnie of LONMAN Productions writes: "I've been using this program for 5 years now & wouldn't do another show without it.  It not only has cut back on singers questioning rotation fairness, it allows them to see at a glance who is up & what everyone is singing.  Love the built in song list database to view if songs are available or just as a quick reference."

Karaokeholics writes: This is an excellent venue.  Submit one slip at a time. Computerized rotation, with a singer-viewable computer monitor, assures you sing in turn. Visit their website at Karaokeholics.com

System Requirements:

bulletMultimedia PC including Windows® 98/Millennium/XP
bulletPentium processor recommended
bullet64MB of RAM recommended
bullet20MB of hard disk space minimum, 60MB recommended
bulletVGA card with 256 colors minimum, 640 x 480 resolution
bulletColor monitor


Description SKU # Price
Automated Karaoke Rotation AKR-1 $49.95



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NOTE:  This product is sold on an as is bases and comes with limited technical support.
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